4 Perspectives on The Maturation of the Cannabis Industry

June 11, 2019
Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17th, 2018, after a long public awareness campaign waged legally, digitally, and personally across the country. The legalization of cannabis in Canada was a major milestone internationally and motivated many other nations to move forward on their own...

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannabis Seeds But Were Afraid to Ask

April 24, 2019
Due to recent advances in the legality of growing cannabis, it is now possible to grow cannabis from seeds purchased from legal vendors. Cannabis seeds come in all types of potencies, strains, and for many different purposes, so where does one begin in the multi-billion dollar cannabis market? We’ve ...

5 Reasons Outdoor Open Air Greenhouses Are By Far The Best Way to Grow Medical Cannabis

April 11, 2019
The global market for medical cannabis is expected to reach $130 billion US. This growth has come very rapidly and many cultivation companies are still working out the details of what is the best way to grow medical cannabis. Until the Canadian Cannabis Act in October 2018, cannabis was only allowed to be ...

The Authoritative List of Cannabis Seed Sellers

April 1, 2019
Looking to get started as a cannabis cultivator? In the early days of what could become a US$130 billion industry, even a small-time cannabis grower can make big moves with the right seeds. But what are the right seeds? And who are the big, reputable cannabis seed sellers? Before purchasing seeds it is imp...

5 Upcoming Cannabis Events Outside of the US and Canada

March 29, 2019
With the global cannabis market set to exceed $130 billion US in the next decade, there is no shortage of people and companies looking to capitalize on what is likely to be the next big thing in international business. With the cannabis skills shortage being addressed by a number of top recruiting firms, I...

7 Recruiting Firms Focused on the Cannabis Skills Shortage

March 27, 2019
As the burgeoning cannabis industry looks set to create a potentially $130 billion market by the mid-2020s, employees and employers alike are scrambling to take advantage of what is likely to be the next major worldwide industry. While tons of people and companies are sure they want to get on the cannabis ...

Expect These US Politicians To Be Leading the Charge to make Cannabis Legal in 2020

March 26, 2019
The push to make cannabis legal in 2020 has seen exponential growth in support in a record amount of time. While Obama was reluctant to fully support legal cannabis and introduced only minor laws in support of the substance, lawmakers on both sides of the political divide are now arguing in favour of makin...
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